Specialized loan product to cater to the needs of Poultry broiler production units engaged by Individual Farmers, Farmer groups or corporate farmers.

Maximum upto Rs.25.00 crore

  • Financial assistance to be extended for Layer farming may comprise the following :
    • Construction of Poultry shed, feed store room including electrical fittings.
    • Purchase of Poultry equipments (requirements will be assessed based on the system of rearing).
    • Feed Plant (wherever feed is self - manufactured).
    • Purchase of Chicks, Feed and Medicines.
    • Purchase of transport vehicles for transporting inputs like feed, medicine, etc and transporting grown birds to markets.
    • Meeting other expenses such as salary, wages and other overhead expenses.
    • Individuals Farmers, Farmers groups, Corporate farmers, etc.,

Margin :-

  • 15% for Small & Marginal farmers.
  • 25% - for others.

Security :-

  • Hypothecation of assets created out of our Bank finance such as Birds, Equipments, buildings, etc.,

Interest :

Fees And Charges :

  • Processing fee – 0.25% of the loan amount.
  • Documentation charge – Upto 25% - NIL