The applicant may be owner cultivator/ share cropper /tenant farmer/ oral lessee. Composite term loans can be granted to farmers based on viability.

Crop Loan / KCC for meeting the Cultivation Expenses including Tissue Culture Seedling Cost.

Capital Investment Loan / Development Loan for Drip Irrigation, Land Bunding, fixing support sticks to Banana Plants, Well repairing, Motor Replacement, etc.

Composite KCC in combination of (i) & (ii) above.

Crop Loan as per Scale of Finance fixed by the District Level Technical Committee. (No Margin required) with flexibility to exceed upto 70% of Scale of Finance.

Term Loan : 80% of Development Works / Capital Investment / Repairs, etc. Unit Cost fixed by NABARD should be observed.

Individual / Joint, Joint Liability Groups, Farmer Producer Organizations, Sole Proprietary Concerns, Partnership Firms, Trusts, Societies, Limited Companies and all legal forms of Organization.

Margin :-

  • As per RBI Guidelines no margin is required for Loans up to Rs.1.60 lakh;
  • For Crop Loans – Nil.
  • For Development Loans - 20%

Security :-

  • Primary :
    • Hypothecation of Banana crops, Hypothecation of assets created out of the Loan.

Interest :

Fees & Charges :

  • Processing Fees: 0.50% of the Loan Amount without any maximum cap, 0.25% on Annual Review of crop Loan.