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    Prepaid Card FAQ

    What is the difference between a Debit Card and Credit Card ?

    • Debit card works under the “Buy now Pay Now” principle unlike a Credit Card, which is a “Buy Now Pay later” card. Therefore with a Debit Card there is no monthly repayment and hence no interest is charged. A Debit card gives you all the convenience of a credit card and also helps you keep control over your spending.

    Where can the TMB Debit Card be used ?

    • Is valid in India and Overseas,
    • Can be used to make purchases at over 26 Million outlets worldwide,
    • Can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs in India and over 8.7 Lakh ATMs worldwide,
    • Can be used in any merchant establishments that accepts Visa Cards.

    What is the mode of payment for an TMB Debit Card ?

    • There are no monthly bills or outstanding in the case of a Debit Card. Your account will be instantly debited to the extent of purchases made or the amount withdrawn from ATMs.

    How to use my TMB Debit Card when I go abroad ?

    • You can use your International Debit Card anywhere in India and abroad where the VISA logo is displayed. However, when you are traveling in Nepal and Bhutan, it is not valid for making transactions in currencies other than the local currencies of India, Nepal and Bhutan. Debit Card transactions made overseas, for purchases or ATM withdrawals must be made in strict accordance with the Exchange Control Regulations of the Reserve Bank of India prevailing from time to time. In the event of failure to do so, you will be liable for action under Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999. Please also note that the onus for ensuring compliance with the regulations lies with the cardholder.

    What is the procedure to be followed in case my TMB Debit Card is stolen or lost ?

    • If your TMB Debit card is lost or stolen, please immediately call our card division or report the loss to the Branch where you maintain your debit card account. Your debit card would be deactivated immediately to prevent misuse. You are expected to confirm this in writing as soon as possible. If your Card is lost / stolen while you are overseas, you can call the VISA’s Global Customer Assistance service.

    What are the Daily limits for use of my TMB Debit Card ?

    • For your security, we have daily limits on the use of the Debit Card at ATM’s and Merchant Locations viz: Merchant Location: Rs. 75,000 (per day), Usage at TMB ATMs: Rs. 30,000 (per day) - Maximum 5 times in a day, subject to maximum of Rs. 20,000 per transaction, Usage through NFS / VISA ATMs: Rs. 15,000 (per day).

    Which PIN is valid if I have been issued with more than one PIN mailer ?

    • Always use the PIN mailer which has the latest date and time printed on it.

    What other precautions and safeguards should I take while operating my Debit Card ?

    • Do not allow attention to be diverted while transacting., Avoid using cell phones. Do not allow other people to enter the ATM room when you are transacting or take assistance from unknown persons., Do not use an ATM if it looks suspicious, it could be a skimming device, which can copy the information from the magnetic stripe of your card and later be used for fraudulent purposes.