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    Who is eligible for the internet banking ?

    • Internet banking service is available to all account holders having the operative accounts like Savings and, Current account holders and also the overdraft and CC customers. NRI customers is also eligible for Internet Banking.


    How do I register for Internet Banking ?

    • You can register for Internet Banking through your base branch by filling up the internet banking registration form. Individual customers can register through Online also.


    What are all the services used in Internet banking ?

    • Account Details : You can view your bank account details, account balance, download statements. You can also view your Deposits & Loan account details at one place
    • Fund Transfer : Transfer funds to your own account, other branch accounts and other bank accounts
    • Request Services : You can place requests for Cheque book, statement etc.
    • Value Added Services : Pay utility bills, Recharge mobile, pay credit card bills, register for e-statement etc.


    After how many wrong attempts my internet banking will get locked ?

    • Internet banking access is locked only if there are 3 incorrect attempts while entering login password or 3 incorrect attempts when answering security questions.


    Why do I get logged out from my internet banking session abruptly ?

    • You used Back/Forward/Refresh button of your browser.
    • You clicked twice on any options/buttons.
    • There was no activity in the browser window for a long time.
    • You tried to access Internet Banking page from a saved or static page


    What are the benefits of using Internet Banking ?

    • Dashboard view of all your banking services like your accounts, deposits, loans etc.
    • See your recent transactions.
    • Create instant FD's & RD's.
    • Make online payments for utility bills
    • Recharge your mobile, data card, DTH
    • Shop on various websites and pay using internet banking.
    • Request for Chequebook, statement etc


    What do I do if I forget my password ?

    • You can generate your Internet Banking password online in case you have forgotten it. You will need to provide your answers for your security questions. If you do not know the answers for the same, then send a mail to econnect@tmbank.in to reset the password and send it through speed post.


    What can I do if I forget my userid ?

    • You can retrieve your userid by providing your account details followed by authenticated OTP.


    Can I change my UserID allotted ?

    • Yes, you can change your USERID allotted after login into Internet Banking.


    Are there any charges for funds transfer ?

    • No, there is no charges for any types of funds transfer in Internet Banking.


    Whether beneficiary addition is required for funds transfer ?

    • Yes, beneficiary addition is required for all types of funds transfer (ie) Third Party, NEFT/RTGS and IMPS


    What is the cooling period for beneficiary registration ?

    • The cooling period for beneficiary registration is 6 hours.


    Is my net banking being active if I was not logged in for a long period ?

    • No, your Internet Banking is expired if you are not logged in continuously for 180 days.


    When is my scheduled payment processed ?

    • Your scheduled payment is processed in the morning 08:15 Hrs. of the specified scheduled dates.


    Can I cancel a scheduled payment ?

    • Yes, you can cancel the scheduled payment. The option is available under View One Time Schedule / Recurring instructions.

    What is TMB M-Banking? Why should I apply for it?

    • TMB M-Banking is a banking application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone and can be used to conduct banking operations/ transactions on your TMB Bank accounts from your mobile phone. With TMB M-Banking you can access account information, transfer funds, recharge prepaid mobile number, DTH, book airline & movie tickets etc. Mobile Banking helps you bank while on move directly through your mobile phone. You can access information and conduct transactions on your TMB Bank accounts with the help of your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.


    Who can avail of the TMB M-Banking Facility?

    • If you are a TMB Bank customer with a Individual or Proprietorship relation with the bank with a valid savings/current/OD account, you can avail of this Mobile Banking Facility, by registering with us. TMB Bank offers Mobile Banking to all its resident customers.


    What do I need to have for the TMB M-Banking Facility?

    • As a TMB Bank customer, to be able to register for the Mobile Banking service you need to have:
      • Your mobile number registered with TMB Bank
      • A GSM operational handset with GPRS/SMS facility activated


    How can I avail of the TMB M-Banking Facility?

    • As a TMB Bank customer, you need to register for Mobile Banking service by: Visiting your nearest TMB Bank branch and filling in the application form


    • Downloading the application from the TMB website and duly filling it and submitting it to a nearest TMB Branch.


    Do I need to be registered with any particular service provider to avail of this service?

    • TMB M-Banking is not restricted to any service provider. This facility can be used through all GPRS providers, but only in India.


    List of transactions that can be carried out with TMB M-Banking are:

    • Balance Inquiry
    • Mini Statement
    • Funds Transfer IMPS Self-Transfer Third Party Transfer
    • Cheque Book Request
    • Value added services Mobile Recharge DTH Recharge Movie Ticket Booking Air Ticket Booking


    How do I register and download the TMB M-Banking Application?

    • To avail of TMB M-Banking Application, you need to be registered for mobile banking. If you are not yet registered please :
      • Fill up and submit the form at your nearest branch
      • After registration, welcome sms will be send to the customer and MPIN will be send to communication address.
      • After getting welcome sms, customer has to send sms to 9282112225 to get download link & activation code.
      • Download and install the application, then change the MPIN and set log on password


    How do I install TMB M-Banking Application on Java based phones?

    • Step-1. Register for TMB M-Banking application.
    • Step-2. Sms "Download" to 9282112225
    • Step 3: You will receive an SMS from the bank with the download URL for TMB M-Banking and Activation code.
    • Step-4. Click on the link in the message.
    • Step-5. A web page will prompt you to select a desired language. Choose your desired language and click next.
    • Step-6. A drop down menu will prompt you to select the brand name of your mobile Handset. Choose your desired brand name Eg: (Nokia, Samsung etc)
    • Step-7. Another drop down menu will prompt you to select the model number of your mobile handset based on the brand name you chose in step6. Choose your desired model number from the list.
    • Step-8. Click on download option. The application starts downloading to your mobile.
    • Step-9. The message 'Application Untrusted, Continue?' will appear as this is 3rd party software Application for your phone... Choose 'Yes' and continue.
    • Step-10. For selected models, you will be prompted to choose Phone Memory or Mobile Memory for installing the application. Choose as per your choice and click 'OK' based on the model.
    • Step-11. After all the above steps, the application will install automatically. TMB icon will appear in the Applications or Games menu (depending on your phone model).


    How do I install TMB M-Banking Application on Android/IPhone/Windows ?

    • Step-1. Welcome sms will be received by the customer at the time of registration.
    • Step-2. Sms "Download" to 9282112225
    • Step 3: You will receive an SMS from the bank with the download URL for TMB M-Banking and Activation code.
    • Step-4. Click on the link in the message.
    • Step-5. A web page will prompt you to select a desired language. Choose your desired language and click next.
    • Step-6. A drop down menu will prompt you to select the brand name of your mobile Handset. Choose Android/IPhone/Windows based on your mobile phone from the list.
    • Step-7. The application will re-direct to Playstore or Appstore or Windowsappstore based on your choice.
    • Step-8. Application will be downloaded and installed automatically. TMB icon will appear along with other apps.


    Is there any per day limit to transfer funds on TMB M-Banking Application?

    • Using TMB M-Banking you can do financial transactions to a maximum of Rs.50,000/- per day using fund transfer, prepaid mobile recharge. However this limit is subject to revision as per RBI guidelines.


    Are there any charges for this facility?

    • TMB Bank offers Mobile Banking facility free to all its customers, though operator charges apply.


    What are the authorization/PINS needed to use in TMB M-Banking?

    • To be able to use TMB M-Banking you will need to have:
      • 1. Application Password: A 6 digit alphanumeric password is required at the time of login.
      • 2. M-PIN: A 4 digit pin number is required to authenticate all transactions.
    • On registering for TMB M-Banking, M-PIN will be sent to communication address through post. You will need to modify your M-PIN before using them.
    • After downloading, at the time of first login, the TMB M-Banking application will prompt the user to create the application password. Customers are advised to maintain the password and M-PIN in a secret and safe manner.


    If I have a Dual-Sim phone, can I have two different applications registered under each sim?

    • No, One phone can have only one TMB M-Banking application even if it is Quad-Sim supported phone.


    Can I have two applications on a single phone under two different Accounts/Cust-Id’s?

    • No, One phone can have only one TMB M-Banking application. If and only if, the application is deleted, the phone will allow the installation of the same application again.


    Can another TMB Bank customer use my TMB M-Banking application to access his/her accounts

    • The application does not allow a non-owner to login with his/her credentials. The application will accept only your credentials and only your account details can be furnished.


    What is IMPS used for?

    • Immediate payment service (IMPS) is an instant electronic fund transfer service available with your mobile banking application. Using this service, one can transfer funds to other bank accounts and also to any other TMB Bank account. For more details on IMPS click on


    To transfer funds within TMB, should I always prefer IMPS?

    • Not necessarily. You can always use, third party transfer and self-transfer options in the MBanking application to transfer funds within TMB. IMPS can also be used for the same purpose.


    How is TMB M-Banking different from other ways of doing mobile banking?

    • TMB M-Banking application is your access to a simpler, faster and valuable banking service. TMB M-Banking is a downloadable application that you can store it on your phone for anytime access and that means you can now transact (24*7) on all 365 days of the year. All your transactions will be authorized by a 4 digit MPIN, thus ensuring safety and security. It works on GSM phones using GPRS


    What are the charges for downloading and using TMB M-Banking Application?

    • TMB M-Banking Application is offered at no cost to TMB Bank customers. You can download and use this application as and when needed without being charged by the bank. Your mobile operator will levy charges for GPRS/SMS used. Please check with your operator for details.


    Do I need a special phone for TMB M-Banking Application?

    • This application will work on Java, Android, IOS and Windows enabled GSM mobile phones. Click Here to check if your handset supports the TMB M-Banking application.


    How do I know whether my mobile is Java enabled?

    • To check whether your phone is Java-enabled, pleaseClick Here to refer your phone book manual or the phone manufacturer's website.


    What is GPRS?

    • GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is a service which allows Internet browsing and data services on a GSM mobile phone. This service is provided by mobile operators as per various plans and fee structures.


    What are the charges for the GPRS service?

    • Individual mobile operators rates vary as per plan and services offered. Please contact your mobile operator for the charges.


    How do I get the GPRS service for my mobile phone/operator?

    • You can get it by calling your mobile operator and subscribing to a GPRS connection. Each operator has different ways of activating GPRS for connectivity. GPRS activation time may vary from operator to operator. Kindly contact your mobile operator for details.


    Can I change my TMB M-Banking Application M-PIN?

    • Yes. Application provides you the option of changing your M-PIN under Settings->Change MPIN.


    While downloading, I get a message saying "Untrusted Application". What should I do?

    • Please select 'YES' for this option. This option is specific to the mobile device and will not affect the application or mobile phone.


    Where will TMB M-Banking Application get downloaded on my Java phone?

    • The downloaded application will be stored in a particular folder of the handset, specific to each device. Typically it should reside either in the Applications or Games folder of your phone.


    What if I get disconnected or my mobile phone switches off while performing a financial transaction?

    • You can simply reconnect to TMB M-Banking and verify your mini statement/Balance Inquiry to check if the transaction has been successfully executed.


    What if I get an SMS or a call while performing a transaction?

    • On most handsets, you can answer the call or read the SMS while TMB M-Banking continues to run in the background. After you have finished your call, you can resume banking on TMB MBanking. For certain handsets however, you may need to re-open the application and login again.


    Can I access TMB M-Banking when I am on national roaming?

    • Yes, as long as you have GPRS activated on your mobile number, subject to availability of the network, you can access TMB M-Banking anywhere in the country. You might be charged special roaming rates for using GPRS.


    What if I delete/uninstall TMB M-Banking Application from my mobile phone by mistake?

    • You will need to re-download the application on your handset. To re-download, the customer is required to request the bank for permitting a new download.


    . What if I want to change my mobile phone device?

    • You will need to re-download TMB M-Banking Application on your new handset. To redownload, the customer is required to request the bank for permitting a new download. However, if you still have your old device in a working condition, you can simply de-register your TMB M-Banking application from the old device. The option to de-register is given under the settings menu of TMB M-Banking application. Upon successful de-registration, you can download and install the application again to the new device without requesting the bank. For download send sms to 9282112225 to get download link & activation code.


    What if I change my mobile number?

    • You will need to re-download the application and use new MPIN. TMB M-Banking Application will not allow you to login from a different mobile number other than the registered mobile number. In case of a change in your mobile number you will need to get it updated either through a TMB Bank branch or by calling our customer service or by emailing us at mobile_banking@tnmbonline.com.


    What if I forget my TMB M-Banking Application M-PIN?

    • You need to apply for new M-Pin. To apply for a new M-PIN, please contact the bank customer service. A new M-PIN will be sent through post to your registered communication address.


    What if my TMB M-Banking Application gets locked

    • Your Application will get locked after three consecutive wrong password attempts. To retry password, please call our Customer Care and request unlock.


    What if I lose my mobile?

    • Call our customer care and request for blocking the TMB M-Banking. You can download the same application once again, on your new phone


    What if I forget my TMB M-Banking Application password ?

    • You will need to re-download the application and set new password.


    What is IMPS ?

    • Immediate Payment Service or IMPS offers an instant, 24X7 interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones and other channels. IMPS facilitate customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for accessing their banks accounts and remitting funds therefrom.


    How is IMPS working ?

    • A common infrastructure has been set-up amongst participant banks, in association with the National payment Corporation of India (NPCI), to enable real time funds transfers across banks.


    What is MMID ?

    • MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier. MMID is a 7 digit code issued by a participating bank to their Mobile Banking registered customers for availing IMPS service as a beneficiary. A customer will have different MMID's for different accounts and all these can be linked to a single mobile number.


    How do I get to know my MMID ?

    • To get the MMID for your account(s), type SMS as MMID from your mobile and send it to 9282112225. MMID will be send to customer through SMS.


    What is IFSC ?

    • IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code (IFSC). It is a 11digit alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank-branch participating in electronic fund transfer system of India.
    • This is an 11-character code with the first 4 alphabetic characters representing the bank, and the last 6 characters (usually numeric, but can be alphabetic) representing the branch. The 5th character is 0 (zero).
    • The Beneficiary a/c details are matched with IFSC code of the branch to conduct the transaction.


    Do I need to have a bank account to send/receive money via IMPS ?

    • Yes, you need to at least have one of the Savings, Current or OD bank account.


    Do I need to register separately for IMPS ?

    • If you are a registered mobile banking customer of TMB Bank no more registrations are required.


    If I have more than one account linked to my mobile number how do I select the account from which I want to send money to a beneficiary ?

    • While doing the IMPS fund transfer you can choose the account from which the transfer has to be made.


    What beneficiary details do I need to use to send money ?

    • The beneficiary details required are :
      • Beneficiary's bank account number
      • Beneficiary's Bank Branch's IFSC code (11 digit)
        Beneficiary's 10 digit mobile number
      • MMID of the beneficiary customer (7 digit)


    Is the beneficiary also required to register for IMPS ?

    • The beneficiary (TMB Bank or other Bank customer) should have their mobile number registered with their bank where he intends to receive the money. He should also have a valid 7 digit MMID provided by his bank. For each bank account number the beneficiary would have a different MMID.
    • However, If the beneficiary bank supports IMPS using IFSC, then it is not required for the beneficiary to register his/her mobile number. For the list of banks supporting IMPS using IFSC please click here


    Is there any limit on the value of transactions when I am sending money using IMPS ?

    • The existing limits of Rs 50,000 per day using TMB M-Banking apply. This is subject to revision as per RBI guidelines.


    What if IMPS registered mobile is lost or misplaced? Will anyone who comes into possession of mobile be able to send money using IMPS in my account ?

    • The security features of TMB M-Banking will apply in this case as well. For anybody to send money using IMPS, he needs to be registered Mobile Banking customer, have the application password to access the TMB M-Banking application, and know the MPIN to authenticate the transactions. Therefor Customers are advised to maintain the 4 digit MPIN and 6 digit Password in a secret and safe manner.


    What happens in case I enter a wrong beneficiary mobile number or wrong MMID when sending money ?

    • The beneficiary details required for making a remittance are mobile number and MMID. The transaction will get declined in case anyone of these two numbers is erroneous and transaction gets reversed instantly. The customer shall have to ensure both the above two correctly while entering.


    What are the timings for initiating and receiving IMPS remittances ?

    • IMPS transactions can be sent and received at any time and any day (24*7) of the year. There are no timing or holiday restrictions on IMPS remittances.


    If the transaction is not completed will I get my money back ? When ?

    • Yes. In case, TMB Bank customer's account is debited and beneficiary account is not credited, then the funds will be re-credited back into the TMB Bank customer’s account.


    How long does it take for the money to get credited into the beneficiary account ?

    • For transactions which are successful, funds gets credited into the beneficiary's account immediately.


    Can I send money from a TMB Bank Savings account to another account in any other bank in India ?

    • Yes, you can transfer money from your TMB Bank account to a beneficiary who has an account within the IMPS participating banks.


    Are all banks a participant of IMPS ?

    • For list of participating banks as on Feb 2013, please click here


    When sending money, how do I come to know that my account is debited and the money has been credited in the beneficiary's account ?

    • You will get a confirmation receipt on successful completion of the transaction. And also you will receive an sms regarding the debit/credit.


    When can the beneficiary use the funds received through IMPS ?

    • The beneficiary can use the funds immediately on receipt of credit in the account.


    Can we withdraw and / or deposit money using IMPS ?

    • Presently, the customers cannot withdraw and / or deposit money using IMPS.


    How does the remitter come to know that his/her account is debited and funds have been credited in the beneficiary's account ?

    • The remitting bank sends a confirmation SMS to the remitting customer about the transaction initiated by him / her.


    Can a customer remit and / or receive remittance using the mobile number other than the one registered with the bank ?

    • The customer can remit and / or receive funds using the registered mobile number only. In case he / she need to remit / receive funds using the other mobile number, he / she have to approach their branch and complete the process of changing the registered mobile number for mobile banking.


     Is it necessary to have sufficient account balance to initiate a remittance ?

    • Yes, the customer should have sufficient account balance to initiate a fund transfer.