Virtual ID

One of such technology oriented service is making payment using Virtual IDs. Firms / Customers having dealings with various customers may face issues in identifying the payments received from them in their operative accounts and find difficulty in reconciling the payments. By providing Virtual ID for each of their customers in place of the account number, one can easily find solution for reconciling the payments with the unique Virtual IDs reflected in their statement of bank account.

  • Easy to identify the transaction and remitter with the help of allotted Virtual IDs
  • User friendly module
  • Available in Internet banking, Internal Transfer and NEFT / RTGS
  • Safe and secure payment as like the existing fund transfer
  • Facilitates corporate clients who have numerous customers.
  • The interested firm, having Current / OD / CC accounts with us
  • A Minimum of 50 Nos. of Virtual IDs and up to a maximum at the request of customers.