To purchase new Tractor, Power Tiller, Trailer and other implements

Maximum Up to Rs.15.00 lakh.

Upto Rs.3 Lakhs - Minimum 2.5 acres of irrigated land or 5 acres of dry land fully cultivable.

Above Rs. 3 Lakhs - Minimum 4 acres of irrigated land or 8 acres of dry land fully cultivable.

Quantum of Loans should be arrived based on the usage of Tractor in their own farms and Income from custom hire Charges on account of usage of Tractor for other farmers and off farm Transportation.

For higher amount of Loans, higher extent of agriculture lands should be taken into consideration, in addition to projected incremental Income. The total land holdings in the family may be considered for this purpose.

Minimum collateral requirement at 50% of Loan portion if the collateral is commercial property or financial collaterals, 100% in case of Agriculture land.

Individual / Joint borrowers, JLGS, FPOs, Sole Proprietary Concerns,  LLPs, Partnership Firms, Trusts, Societies, Limited Companies and all legal forms of Organization.

Margin :-

  • 15%

Security :-

  • Hypothecation of Tractor, Power Tiller, Trailer, and other Implements / Attachments going to be purchased.

Interest :-

Fees & Charges :-

  • Processing Fees
    • 0.50% of loan amount