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    Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

    To provide interest subsidy through central sector scheme for acquisition/construction of house (including re-purchase) to cater to the Middle Income Group (MIG).

    Term loan

    • Maximum of Rs. 9,00,000 – MIG1
    • Maximum of Rs. 12,00,000 – MIG2


    A beneficiary family will comprise of husband, wife, unmarried sons and/or unmarried daughters. An adult earning member (irrespective of marital status) can be treated as a separate household :

    • Provided that he / she does not own a pucca (an all weather dwelling unit) house in his / her name in any part of India.
    • Provided that the family should not have availed of central assistance under any Housing scheme from Government of India.
    • Provided also that in the case of a married couple, either of the spouse or both together in joint ownership will be eligible for a single house, subject to income eligibility of the household under the scheme.

    Margin :

    • Construction and improvement in the existing house – 25%

    Repayment :

    • Maximum - 30 years

    Security :

    • Equitable Mortgage of the Land / House / Flat purchased/ constructed/ acquired under the Loan and the improvements/ additions thereto.

    Interest :

    Fees & Charges

    • For the loan amount eligible for interest subsidy is NIL.
    • Additional amount beyond the aforementioned specified limit - 0.50% of the additional Limit Sanctioned plus Taxes as applicable.