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    TMB- Doctor Loan

    To construct / purchase Hospital Building, Hospital Building cum Residence, setting up Nursing Home, Poly Clinics etc., for expansion / Modernization of existing Hospital Premises. To purchase Medical Equipments, X-Ray Units, Scanners, Computers etc., to Purchase Ambulance and other Vehicles necessary for the Hospital.

    TL / DL / Overdraft (WC)

    • Maximum of Rs.400.00 lac
    • Rural - up to maximum of Rs.100.00 lac (Out of which Working Capital Limit restricted up to Rs.10.00 lac)
    • Semi-Urban – up to maximum of Rs.200.00 lac (Out of which Working Capital Limit restricted up to Rs.20.00 lac)
    • Urban / Metropolitan - up to maximum of Rs.400.00 lac (Out of which Working Capital Limit restricted up to Rs.50.00 lac)

    Individuals (Qualified Registered Medical Practitioner) / Partnership Firm / Limited Company / Trust.

    In case of Partnership Firm / Limited Company / Trust, either one of the Partners / Directors / Trustees should be qualified registered Medical Practitioner or they should engage the services of Registered Medical Practitioners in the Hospital

    Margin :Nil

    Repayment :

    • WCTL / WCDL / TL / DL - 7 Years excluding maximum
    • Moratorium Period of 12 months based on the project.
    • WC Limits: To be renewed once in every Year.

    Security :

    • Primary;:
      • Hypothecation over the assets created.
    • Collateral:
      • Loans up to Rs.15 lac: - No collateral
    • Loans above Rs.15 lacs:
      • : Minimum 50% and for deserving cases the respective Sanctioning Authority may relax the minimum coverage of Collateral Security upto 25%.

    Interest :

    Fees & Charges

    • For Term Loan / Demand Loan - 1.00% of the Loan amount Plus taxes as applicable.
    • For Overdraft - 0.50% of the Limit sanctioned.