Features :
  • Composite Fish Farming is a method in which more than one type of Compatible Fishes are cultured simultaneously, in order to utilize the available land and water to the greatest possible extent to achieve the maximum possible yield.
  • The specialized scheme product to meet the financial requirements of Composite Fish Farming is TMB INLAND FISHERIES – COMPOSITE FISH FARM LOAN
Loans granted for :
  • Construction of Fish Ponds by converting lands not suitable for cultivation or those under cultivation which are poorly yielding.
  • Development of Marshy lands and other areas for Fish Farming.
  • Deepening / Widening and depleting of existing Ponds.
  • Purchase of nets and other accessories.
  • Working Capital expenses for purchase of Fingerlings
  • (young ones), manures, feed and labour inputs.
  • Establishment of nurseries for raising of Fingerlings.
Form of Advance :
  • Term Loan / Cash Credit / Overdraft
  • Farmers, Individuals, Corporate farmers, Farmers' producer organizations /companies of individual farmers, partnership firms engaged in Agriculture or activities allied to Agriculture and / or Allied Activities.
  • 15% for Small & Marginal farmers , 25% for others
  • Term loan – 5-8 Years in Annual Repayments.
  • Overdraft/Cash Credit– 1 year (Renewable)
Interest Fees & Charges
  • 0.25% of the Limit sanctioned + taxes applicable