• Production Credit - Short Term limit (Cash Credit)
  • Farm Development Loan - Long Term limit (Term Loan)

Production credit :

  • To meet the short term credit requirements for cultivation of crops, Post harvest expense, Produce Marketing loan, Consumption requirements of farmer household, Working capital for maintenance of farm assets and activities, allied to agriculture, like dairy animals, inland fishery etc.

Farm Development Loan :

  • Investment credit requirement for agriculture and allied activities like land development, Minor irrigation, Purchase of farm equipments, Allied activities like dairy, poultry, sheep, goat rearing, fish farming, etc.

Interest Subvention Scheme

  • GOI is giving interest subvention benefits to farmers for short term crop loans at 2% from ROI for crops loans upto Rs.3.00 lakhs and additional 3% for prompt repayment within one year.

All Farmers

  • Individuals / Joint borrowers who are owner cultivators.Tenant Farmers, Oral Lessees & Share Croppers. SHGs or Joint Liability Groups of Farmers including tenant farmers, share croppers etc.


  • Production Credit: Nil.
  • (The labour input by the farmer is considered as the margin. Hence, no separate cash margin is insisted for Production credit.)

  • Farm development Loan : Minimum 25%

Security :

  • Hypothecation of standing crops.
  • In case of Term loans for purchase of movable assets – hypothecation of assets created out of our Bank finance.

Interest :

Fees & Charges

  • Processing fee – As applicable to Farm advances.
  • Documentation charge – Upto 25% - NIL