TMB Titanium Credit Card

TMB Credit Cards

TMB Titanium Credit Card offers Flexible Credit limits, Free Joining and Annual Fee, 3 years validity and designed with EMV chip & Personalized photo to our Bank's customers those who are having their Annual Gross income of Rs. 2.00 Lakhs or more.

Features TMB Titanium Credit Card
  • Any individual having CASA with our Bank.
  • Income Tax Assessment for 2 years.
  • Gross Annual Income - Rs.2.00 lakhs or more
  • Copy of last 2 years IT Return (for salaried employees of reputed companies, last year IT return is enough [or] last 2 years Form-16 issued by Employer, provided gross annual income is Rs.2.00 lacs to less than Rs.2.50 lacs)
Minimum Card Limit Rs.20,000/-
Maximum Card Limit Rs. 5,00,000/- (restricted upto 25% of annual income)
Cash advance limit
  • “25% of the sanctioned credit card limit “
  • Per day maximum limit of cash withdrawal is Rs.25,000/- (Subject to cash withdrawal restriction if any by RBI then and there)
Free Add-on Cards Upto 2 for spouse and children above 18 years of age.
Photo / EMV Chip Card Both the Card variants shall be issued as EMV chip facility with personalized Photo. No charges/fees for the Photo/EMV card.
Free Credit Period Upto 45 days
Minimum repayment on Revolving Credit A minimum 10% of the monthly total billed amount, subject to a minimum of Rs.500/-
Card Validity 3 years
GREEN PIN (Paperless)

PIN shall not be issued through PIN mailer. Instead, the cardholder can generate the PIN as follows 

  • The welcome kit containing the card will be sent to the concerned branch and cardholder has to obtain the card from the branch.
  • The PIN will be in the form of GREEN PIN (Paperless). After obtaining the card, the Cardholder can generate the Green PIN through Customer Care Portal by providing Card Number, Expiry Date, Date of Birth and OTP.
  • Subsequently in future, Our Bank will provide the facility, that the cardholders themselves can generate the PIN number just by inserting their card through any of our TMB ATM using OTP. (OTP will be sent to cardholder through registered mobile number)
Fees & Charges TMB Titanium Credit Card
One time card issuance charges Free
Enrollment / Joining Fee Free
Annual Fee Free
Renewal Fee Rs.250/- for primary card; Rs.150/- for Add-on Card.
Charges for Replacement card Rs.100/-
Late Payment charges Rs.250/- ( If the cardholder fails to pay the Minimum Amount Due before Payment Due date.)
Charges for revolving credit. (Finance charges) 2% per month (24% per annum) from the due date.
Cash Advance - Transaction fee 3% of transaction amount subject to the Minimum of Rs.30/- for every Rs.1000/- or part thereof.
Charges for cash withdrawal at other bank ATMs 3% of transaction amount subject to the Minimum of Rs.30/- for every Rs.1000/- or part thereof. Plus additional charges levied by the respective banks.
Finance charges for Cash Withdrawal. 2% per month (24% per annum) from the date of cash withdrawal.
Charge Slip Retrieval Fee Rs.100/- per charge slip.
Collection charges for Outstation Cheque Rs.100/- per instrument + other bank charges if any
Foreign Currency Transaction – Conversion Markup Upto 3.5%
Duplicate Statement Rs.100/- per statement for statements more than 2 months old
Cheque dishonor charges or unsuccessful payment instructions Rs.150/-
Hot listing charges Free
Billing Date 20th of every calendar month
Due date for payment 5th of succeeding month
E-statement The monthly account statement will be sent to the Cardholder's E-mail ID (marking a copy to the concerned branch) only.
Credit Card Payment Procedure within due date.
  • The cardholder has to fund his / her Savings / Current account on or before 5th to meet the credit card bill. On 5th morning, system will debit the credit card bill amount from the cardholder's CASA account linked to the credit card. If sufficient balance is not available in the linked account, system will create Temporary Overdraft (TOD) to debit the bill amount. Also, the card will be frozen/blocked temporarily, until the closure of TOD account in full.
  • TOD will carry a ROI of 24% p.a,
  • Interest will be calculated from the date of creation of TOD,
  • The credit limit of the card will be reduced by the TOD outstanding if any of the cardholder.
Modes / Methods of Credit Card Bill payment in Advance

Internet Banking / Net Banking

  • Using Internet banking, customers can pay the credit card bill amount before the payment due date, by debiting the operative accounts maintained at our bank.

Over the counter in branches

  • Customers can also pay the credit card bill amount before the payment due date over the counter at any of our branches.


  • Customers who have availed our TMB Credit Card, can also make the Bill payment easily through NEFT / RTGS from other bank Account by providing the details as given below
Beneficiary details Values
IFSC Code TMBL0000900
Bank Name Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd
Branch Address ATM Cell, Chennai
Account Number <16 digit credit card Number>
Account Holder Name
Insurance Coverage Free Personal Accidental cover of Rs.5 lakhs (For death benefit only) shall be provided.

GST applicable for all the charges and fees will be levied additionally.

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