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    Multicurrency Prepaid Travel Cards

    Learn more about our exclusive Mastercard for travel abroad.

    TMB’s Multicurrency Prepaid Travel Card makes travel abroad a pleasure. It is easy, secure and convenient to carry and use.

    With this card you can enjoy the tourist places, shop, dine in restaurant and attend the business meet without worrying about money changers and converting travellers cheques into local currency.

    You can directly swipe your Multicurrency Prepaid Travel Card at merchant establishments who are accepting Master Card, saving the hassles of carrying traveller's cheques and worries of losing cash on the move.

    Please note : The usage of this card is strictly subject to regulations stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India and the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 from time to time.

    • TMB Multicurrency Prepaid Travel Card is available in 3 currencies - USD, GBP and EUR.
    • Cards can be issued optionally with name and photo of the customer.
    • Minimum amount for issue of fresh prepaid travel card is 250 units of the respective currency.
    • Multi-Currency Prepaid Travel Card can be loaded / top up subject to the cap of USD 25,000 (US Dollar Twenty Five Thousand only) at a time.
    • Cards can be used for payment in the local currency of the country of visit whose home currency is other than USD, GBP and EURO.
    • Maximum amount permissible is as per FEMA.
    • Valid for 5 Years. During the validity further eligible amount can be reloaded any number of times and residual forex can either be retained for the next visit or can be encashed.
    • A secure 4 - Digit PIN enables risk free cash withdrawal transactions.
    • Available at all TMB Branches for our customers.
    • Card Issue Charge is Rs. 150/- only and re load charge is Rs. 100/- only.
    • Competitive exchange rate.
    • PAN copy, Passport copy, Visa and Airline Ticket is mandatory.
    • Form A2 is to be submitted duly filled in.
    • Click Here Multicurrency Prepaid Travel Card Application Form

    Branches / Customers can contact ATM Cell for Hot-listing of cards and for any assistance regarding Multicurrency Travel cards through the existing 24 x 7 customer care Numbers +91 (44) 2622 3106 / 2622 3109.

    The customers can view the balance and transaction details through our Customer Care Portal for Prepaid cards by completing the Registration process using "First time login" option by providing credentials like Card Number, CVV2 and Date of Birth.