TMB Mahalir

Working Capital requirements / Term Loan to purchase fixed assets such as Plant & Machinery etc.

WCTL / WCDL / Term Loan / Demand Loan / Working Capital Limits such as OD, CC etc.

Maximum Rs.20.00 lakh.

Women Entrepreneurs consisting of all units managed by one or more women entrepreneurs in Proprietary Concern or in which she /they Individually or jointly have a share of not less than 51% as Partners / Share Holders / Directors of Private Limited Company / Members of a Co-Operative Society.

Repayment :-

  • Working Capital Limit – One Year
  • Term Loan / Demand Loan –7 Years

Security :-

  • Primary Security
    • Hypothecation of stock/ Book Debts/ Equipment’s/ Machineries/ Fittings and Furniture etc.,
  • Collateral Security
    • 100% of the limit

Interest :-

Fees & Charges :-

  • For Term Loan/Demand Loan
    • 1.00% of the Loan amount plus taxes as applicable.
  • For Working Capital Limits
    • 0.50% of the OD Limit sanctioned plus taxes as applicable.