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    KYC Guidelines

    The objective of KYC guidelines is to prevent our Bank from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering activities.

    KYC procedures also enable branches to know / understand their customers and their financial dealings better which in turn help them manage their risks prudently.

    Our KYC Policy covers :

    • Customer Acceptance Policy.
    • Customer identification Procedures.
    • Monitoring of Transactions and
    • Risk Management.
    • Statutory Requirements.
    • Dissemination of KYC Guidelines.
    • Information published in the Document
    • Objective.
    • Know Your Customer Standards.
    • Customer Acceptance Policy (CAP).
    • Customer Identification Procedure.
    • Monitoring of Transactions.
    • Risk Management.
    • KYC for the Existing Accounts.
    • Appointment of Principal Officer.
    • Annexure - Customer Identification Requirements.
    • Statutory Requirements & Regulatories.
    • Dissemination of KYC Policy.

    Information given in this document is subject to change / revision. This document should not be considered as a legal document creating rights and obligations. It is for promoting better understanding between Customer and Banker. Only relevant information on various KYC related issues is given in this document. For further details / information visit or write to our branch offices or visit our website www.tmb.in.