TMB Genset

  • To purchase new Generator only.
  • Term Loan
  • Individuals, Proprietorship, Partnership, Company, Trust, Society, etc., already engaged in the activity (Traders/Manufacturers/Service)
  • New activity – Not eligible under this scheme.
  • 25% of Generator + erection & electrical installation charges.
  • If the applicant is already having generators, based on the requirement, additional generator under this scheme can also be financed.
  • New borrowers already engaged in the activity (Traders/Manufacturers/ Service) are also eligible subject to obtention of Satisfactory Credit Opinion from their existing bankers. If, they are enjoying credit limits with other banks, Satisfactory Credit Opinion and NOC should be obtained from their existing bankers.
  • Term loan – Maximum of 60 months
  • Hypothecation of the generator & other accessories financed
  • Click MCLR Rates of Interest for MCLR based interest rates.
Fees & Charges
  • 0.50% of Loan Amount