Specialized loan product in order to meet the Financial requirements of Dhall Mills, to set-up new Dhall Mills and to acquire existing Rice Mills and Takeover of Dhall Mills Advances.

To cover all financial needs of the Dhall Mill Customers, such as to construct factory building , Godown , office building etc., to purchase new/second hand indigenous machineries to import new machineries for installation, electrical fittings, fixtures and other equipments etc., Working capital requirement

All types of funds and non-fund based Limits - Maximum Rs.25 crore (Inland) and Rs.30 crore (Export).

Proprietory, Partnership, Company, Individual. (Running Dhall Mills on own or lease basis).

Margin :-

  • Working Capital :
    • Stock - 20%; Book Debt - 25%, KL/WHR - 25%; FLC - 25%; BG - 10%;
  • Term Loan :
    • For Construction -25%
    • For Purchase of new (Indigenous/ Imported) Machinery - 20%
    • For purchase of Second Hand Indigenous Machinery- 40%.

Repayment :-

  • Working Capital : One Year (renewable)
  • Term Loan : Maximum 7 Years excluding Holiday Period of 12 months / 18 months in case of construction.

Security :-

  • Working Capital: On Hypothecation of Stock, Book Debts and Receivables.
  • Term Loan : On EQM over Land & Building, if Loan is sanctioned for Construction / On Hypothecation over the assets created out of our Bank Finance.