Corporate Multiple Users

TMB Bank's Corporate Internet Banking is a one stop shop for all your online banking needs. It gives you the power to execute critical bank transactions instantly from your office locations with no time lags and hence is an indispensable tool in today's 24 x 7 high-speed business world. With Corporate Internet Banking, you can dramatically cut your paperwork and enjoy the triple benefits of 'efficiency, ease of use and economy.

Eligible Customer Accounts for Corporate

Proprietorship / Partnership / Limited Companies / Trust / Clubs/ Association accounts

Per day Transaction Limit for Corporate



Corporate Value

Corporate High Value

Type of customers

Sole Proprietor/Trusts/Clubs/Association, etc.(Other Than Limited Companies and Partnership Firms)


Partnership Firms and Limited Companies

Per Day Limit

(Self Transfer, Third Party Transfer ,External Fund Transfer, Online Bill payments)

Rs.35 Lakhs

Rs.50 Lakhs

Features available
  • Works on Maker Checker Concept.
  • Hierarchy can be assigned by the Admin.
  • The hierarchy is nothing but we can define the Checker for the first approval and for the second or final approval.
  • Beneficiary File Upload
  • Internal and External Transaction Upload
  • The Corporate ADMIN must be a Managing Director, Managing Partner, Managing Trustee, Proprietor, President of the particular concern.
  • Admin User can Enable / Disable the users for Login, Transaction or Both
  • Admin User can set the specified login time for their users
  • Admin User can set the Out of Office status for their users
  • Admin User can set the particular users to operate the particular accounts.
  • Admin can set rules for Financial transactions such as Quick payment, Quick Transfer, Self and Third Party Transfer, External Funds Transfer, Shopping Mall Payment. For Example : 1 Maker + 1 Checker, 1 Maker + 2 Checker