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    Citizen Charter

    We at Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd always endeavour to make your banking with us a pleasant experience. We have a strong belief that a satisfied customer is our ambassador in developing our business. In order to become more customer friendly the Bank has decided to come out with a Charter for the benefit of our customers.

    This Charter contains our commitment and responsibilities along with the redressal methods. It also specifies the obligation on the part of customers for healthy practices in customer - banker relationship.

    This is not a legal document creating rights and obligations. The “Charter” has been prepared to promote fair banking practices and to give information in respect of various activities relating to customer service. All our customers are requested to keep us informed of their experiences about the various services rendered by the Bank and feel free to send your observations.

    Information published in this Document :

    • Introduction.
    • Our Commitment and Responsibilities.
    • Common Practices Followed by our Branches.
    • Safeguards.
    • Advances - Lending Schemes.
    • Remittance Services.
    • Money Transfer Service - Western Union.
    • Collection Services - Immediate Credit of Outstation Cheques.
    • Foreign Exchange Business.
    • NRI Accounts.
    • ATM / Credit Card Facility.
    • TMB e-Transfer.
    • RTGS Scheme.
    • Misc. / Ancillary Services - Safe Deposit Lockers.
    • Depository Services.
    • Nomination.
    • Service charges.
    • Time - Norms for Various Banking Transactions.
    • Redressal of Complaints.
    • Anonymous complaints will not be entertained by the bank.
    • Mutual Fund.
    • Information given in this document is subject to change / revision. This document should not be considered as a legal document creating rights and obligations. It is for promoting better understanding between Customer and Banker. Only key information on various services / facilities is given in this document. Each service has its own detailed terms and conditions which can be made available on request. For further details / information visit or write to our branch offices or visit our website www.tmb.in.

    Click here to Download the Citizens Charter for your reference and printing.