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    Cheque Collection Policy

    This collection policy of the Bank (Amended 2010) is a reflection of our bank’s on-going efforts to provide better service to our customers and set higher standards for performance. The policy is based on principles of transparency and fairness in the treatment of customers.

    While adopting this policy, the bank reiterates its commitments to individual customers outlined in Banker’s Fair Practice Code of Indian Bank’s Association. This document is a broad framework under which cheque collections are governed.

    Information published in this Document :

    • Introduction.
    • Arrangements for Collection.
    • Time Frame for Collection of Local / Outstation Cheques / Instruments.
    • Payment of Interest for delayed Collection of Local / Outstation Cheques.
    • Cheques / Instruments lost in transit / in clearing process or at paying bank’s branch.
    • Force Majeure.
    • Charging of Interest on cheques returned unpaid where Instant Credit was given.
    • Service Charges.
    • Procedure for return / dispatch of dishonoured cheques.
    • Information on Dishonoured Cheques.
    • Dealing with the dishonoured outward clearing instruments and frequent dishonour of inward clearing cheques.
    • Dealing with frequent dishonour of cheques / ECS.

    Click here to Download the Cheque Collection Policy for your reference and printing.