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    Banking Codes & Standards Board of India Commitment

    This is a voluntary Code, which sets minimum standards of banking practices for banks to follow when they are dealing with individual. It provides protection to you and customers explains how banks are expected to deal with you for your day-to-day operations.

    • Introduction
    • Key Commitments
    • Information - Transparency
    • Advertising, Marketing and Sales
    • Privacy and Confidentiality
    • Collection of Dues
    • Complaints, Grievances and Feedback
    • Collection of Dues
    • Products and Services
    • Branch Closure / Shifting
    • Financial Inclusion
    • Senior Citizens & Differently Abled Persons
    • Protecting your Accounts.
    • Glossary

    Click to Download the Bank's Commitment Document (Format: Adobe "PDF" Document) for your reference and printing.