Annual General Meetings

TMB Ltd. is an unlisted company with its share holders being the privileged few. Please find listed below the notices issued to the shareholders from time to time.

Notice for Annual General Meetings :-

Corrigendum to Notice for 93rd Annual General Meeting :-

AGM Notice 2020 :-

AGM Notice 2020 :-

Advertisements :-

E-Voting Instructions :-

Attendance Form :-

Notice Of Candidature Of Directors at the 93rd AGM :-

AGM Registration Time Of Attendance At Venue Counter :-

Annual General Meeting Adjourned For Voting :-

Revised Proxy Form for the 93rd AGM :-

Results of Annual General Meeting :-

Scrutinizer's Report of 88th , 89th, 90th, 91st, 92nd and 93rd AGMs :-

Voting Results :-