Savings (AWB) A/c

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Savings (AWB) A/c

This is the basic starting point for the urban and rural masses to start developing the habit of savings for a brighter future. It gives the customers the benefit of having the convenience of withdrawing money anytime anywhere as well as get good interest on the savings at the same time. Further routine payments can be automatically made by giving standing instructions to the bank. Nomination and Power of Attorney facility is also available.

Now your basic savings account is Anywhere Banking enabled. So enjoy the economy of a basic savings account and the benefit of any where bankable savings account.

Product Highlights:

Minimum Average Balance (MAB)
With Cheque Book: Rural Rs. 250.00 / Others Rs. 500.00
Without Cheque Book: Rural Rs. 100.00 / Others Rs. 250.00
Charges per Month for non maintenance of MAB
With Cheque Book: Rs. 5.00 (MAB > 187 & < 250), Rs. 15.00 (MAB > 124 & <= 187), Rs. 25.00 (MAB > 29 & <= 124), Rs. 0.00 (MAB <= 29).
Without Cheque Book: Rs. 5.00 (MAB > 187 & < 250), Rs. 10.00 (MAB > 124 & <= 187), Rs. 15.00 (MAB > 29 & <= 124), Rs. 0.00 (MAB <= 29).
Cheque Book Issue charges
Rs. 2.00 per leaf. First 20 cheque leaves free.
Folio charges for 6 Months
Cash Remittance Limit - Parent / Satellite Branch
Free up to Rs. 3,00,000.00 per day thereafter Rs. 1.50 per Rs. 1,000.00 for SB A/c with Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of previous month less than Rs. 10,000.00. Free for any amount with MAB of previous month Rs. 10,000.00 & above
Cash withdrawl at Satellite Branch
No Limit for Self Withdrawl by cheque only. Third Party Limit Rs. 10,000.00.
Payment of Cheques in other centres in clearing / transfer
No Limit
Cheque Return / ECS Inward Debit Return Charges
Rs. 1.50 per Rs. 1,000.00 with a minimum of Rs. 150.00.
ECS Debit Mandate Cancellation Charges
Rs. 100.00 per ECS Mandate Cancellation.
Issue of Duplicate Statement
Rs. 25.00 per Ledger Folio. Minimum Rs. 25.00 + postage if any.
Issue of loose cheque leaves
Rs. 25.00 per leaf.
Issue of duplicate pass book
Rs. 25.00 per passbook with an additional charge of Rs. 5.00 per ledger folio (40 entries) there of.
Charges for statement through e-mail
Free for any frequency.
Certificate / Attestation
Rs. 100.00
Outward Cheque Return
Rs. 50.00
Stop Payment Charges
Rs. 25.00, Max. Rs. 200.00
Standing Instruction
DD Cancellation
DD Amount upto Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 10.00 + ST.
DD Amount above Rs. 250.00 - Rs. 50.00 + ST.
Bankers Report
Rs. 100.00
Certificate of Balance for Previous Year
Rs. 50.00
Old Record Retrieval
Duplicate Debit Card
Rs. 100.00
Regeneration of Pin Mailer
Rs. 50.00
Email Statement Charges
Account Closure
Within 1 Year *: Savings A/c Individual Rs. 50.00 + ST, Non-Individual Rs. 75.00 + ST, Special Category - Rural Areas for Individuals / Pensioners / Senior Citizens - Rs. 25.00 + ST.
.Above 1 Year: NIL. * The customer has the freedom to close / switch savings / current accounts, if the customer is not happy with the account, within 14 days from the date of account opening. No charges will be levied for such an action.

Most Important Terms & Conditions governing SB Account Operations:

Rules and Regulations governing SB Account Operation:

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