NRO Interest Rates

attractive interest rates for nro deposits

TMB has been very popular since long for being the bank offering the highest rates of interest for NRI accounts for the benefit of its depositors. No wonder a major part of our deposits are from NRI citizens abroad. The rates are split for different types of NRI Account to offer the highest rate of interest possible.

Interest Rates on Regular Deposits

For all Bulk / High Value Deposits above the ceiling amount specified in the table below, please contact your nearest TMB branch for availing special offers if any.

Table showing currently offered interest rates on NRO Term Deposits
PeriodInterest Rate (p.a.)
Upto AmountRs. 99,99,999
  • Above Interest Rates applicable from Oct 01, 2018.
  • Please note that Interest Rates are subject to change without notice as per the market trends and the bank’s decision in this regards is final.
3 years - 10y6.90%
> 20m 20d - < 3 years7.00%
20 months 20 days7.00%
> 1y to < 20m 20d7.00%
1 year7.40%
271 days - < 12 months7.00%
180 days - 270 days6.75%
91 days - 179 days6.50%
61 - 90 days6.00%
46 - 60 days6.00%
30 - 45 days5.25%
15 - 29 days5.00%