Management @ TMB

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Founder Directors

Founder Directors of TMB

  • Shri M.V. Shanmugavel Nadar
  • Shri M.VE. Kasisamy Nadar
  • Shri K.A.M.A. Kaliyappa Nadar
  • Shri T.V. Balagurusamy Nadar
  • Shri P.K.S.A. Arumuga Nadar
  • Shri M.VE. Ratnasamy Nadar
  • Shri AR.A.S. Arumugasamy Nadar
  • Shri W.P.A. Marimuthoo Nadar
  • Shri A.M.M. Sinnamani Nadar
  • Shri AR.A. Shenbaga Nadar

The Nadar Bank Ltd.

The bank initially known as “The Nadar Bank Ltd.” became a Scheduled Bank under the Reserve Bank of India Act on May 11, 1935. The Nadar Bank Ltd., changed its name to the Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd., on Nov 26, 1962. Ever since the bank stands pre-eminently among the galaxy of banks in the private sector depicting scientific and sound functioning.

Excellence in Management

The bank has been fortunate in having very eminent and honest men of vision and great talent as Board of Directors and Executives. The ever increasing profit figures of the bank depicts the efficiency of the management. The bank, which was opened with a small capital of Rs. 5 Lakhs, has an impeccable record of having crossed a net worth of Rs. 1000 Crores as on Mar 31, 2010 making us a strong and sound bank.

Past & Present Chief Executives

The strong foundation was laid down by the Chief executives of the bank from the very beginning by their outstanding efficiency, devotional duty, able administration and profound knowledge.

In 1969, the Reserve Bank of India advised for the appointment of a whole time Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the bank. The following persons have so far served in that post.

Past and Present Chairman of TMB
ChairmanPeriod of Association
* Non Executive Part Time Chairman.
Shri R. Jeyaraj1969-1988
Shri J. Kasiviswanathan1989-1991
Shri M. Jesudasan1992-1996
Shri K.N.V. Nayar1996-1997
Shri S. Krishnamurthy1997-2002
Shri R. Natarajan2002-2004
Shri S. Radhakrishnan2004-2006
Shri M.G.M. Maran *09-04-2007 to 08-04-2008
Past and Present MD / CEO at TMB
MD and CEOPeriod of Association
Shri G. Narayana MoorthyDec 2006 to May 2009
Shri G. Nagamal ReddyJun 2009 to Sep 2010
Shri A.K. JagannathanSep 2010 to May 2012
Shri K.B. Nagendra MurthyJul 2012 to Jul 2014
Shri H.S. Upendra KamathJul 2014 to May 2017

Board of Directors of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank

The following eminent personalities represent the Board of Directors.

Present Board of Directors at TMB
Name of DirectorAdditional Designation
Shri S. Annamalai
Shri S.R. Aravind Kumar
Shri P.C.G. Asok Kumar
Smt. S. Ezhil Jothi
Shri B.S. Keshava MurthyIndependent Director
Shri K. Nagarajan
Shri K.N. RajanRBI Nominee
Shri K.V. RajanRBI Nominee
Shri A. ShidambaranathanIndependent Director
Shri V.V.D.N. Vikraman
Shri B. Vijayadurai
Shri P. YesuthasenIndependent Director

General Managers of our Bank

Present General Managers of TMB
NamePortfolio Handled
Shri M. Gunasekaran
Ph.: +91 461 232 1130
Business Development, Planning, Customer Service, Risk Management, Accounts and Secretarial Section.
Shri S. Kandavelu
Ph.: +91 461 232 0360
Human Resource Development, Integrated Treasury, International Banking Division, DP Cell, RTGS Cell, Establishment Department and Inspection.
Shri M. Avadai Nayagam
Ph.: +91 44 2619 2325
Information Technology and Vigilance.
Shri R. Ravindran
Ph.: +91 461 232 5411
Credit, Recovery, Credit Audit & Monitoring, KYC / AML Cell, MIS and Legal Cell.