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Latest News

Opening 753rd ATM (Offsite) at Sukapur, Raigad Dist., Maharastr...

We are quickly adding more points of presence and today we inaugurate the opening of our 753rd ATM (Offsite) at Sukapur in Raigad Dist. of Maharastra. more »

Opening 752nd ATM at Thirumapaliappapuram, Tirunelveli Dist., T...

We take pleasure in announcing the addition of one more ATM (Offsite) to our pop network with the inauguration of our 752nd ATM at Thirumapaliappapuram in Tirunelveli Dist., Tamilnadu today. more »

Opening 390th Branch at Sachin, Surat Dist., Gujarat

We take pleasure in announcing the opening of our 390th branch at Sachin in Surat Dist. of Gujarat along with an onsite ATM (751st) at the new branch premises. more »

Opening 750th ATM (Offsite) at Biosar, Thane Dist., Maharastra

We take pleasure in announcing the opening of our 750th ATM (Offsite) at Biosar in Thane District, Maharastra today. more »

Opening 3 ATMs across Tamilnadu & Maharastra today

We take pleasure in adding three more ATMs to our network with the opening of our 747th ATM (Onsite) at Dharavi in Mumbai, 748th (Offsite) at Vadamadurai & 749th (Offsite) at Rathinapuri both in… more »

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